How To Cool The House Naturally?

The only and longed for a place where you can take refuge and stay many hours safe from the heat is your own home. More and more homes are enjoying an air conditioner, a system that is no longer “luxury within reach of a few.” And it is that few things are appreciated as much as getting home and enjoying a cool and comfortable temperature that makes us feel comfortable in our home. The most effective way to achieve this is thanks to air conditioning systems for air conditioning the house.


When thermometers rise, and the body suffers from heat, air conditioning in the home becomes essential, so we help you choose the one that suits you best. Also, experts offer us some simple natural measures to keep the house cool, without increasing electricity costs.


Looking for good insulation


Put adhesive tapes on the window and awning joints, as well as translucent adhesive panels and sheets on the glass. Normal glass lets 95 percent of the incoming solar energy pass into the home, while less than a third of the sun’s radiation reaches it if covered by a sheet.


Surround yourself with abundant vegetation


Placing plants both inside and outside the home helps reduce the effects of air pollution and environmental noise and improves thermal and climatic comfort, as well as relative humidity. The only contraindication to “dress your house in green” is that one of its inhabitants is allergic.

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Choose natural ventilation


Ideally, for a home to be well ventilated, its windows face each other, making it easy for drafts to form. Aeration refreshes the environment in hot seasons and helps eliminate gases and toxic particles in the air during winter.


Turn off lights and electrical appliances


Not only conventional incandescent bulbs are an important source of indoor heat. The television, music channels, computer, and video players also warm the room, even when they are in “stand-by” or on standby. Turn off these gadgets when you don’t use them or pay attention to them. It will thank you not only for your body temperature but also for your pocket because you will avoid a waste of electricity. 


Ventilate the house


To maintain the so-called “thermal comfort” temperature (about 20 degrees Celsius), and as a hygiene measure, try to ventilate the house, opening the windows wide, preferably in the early morning or at night, leaving aside the central hours of the day, when the heat is more intense.


Choose plants and flowers well


It is not enough to increase the presence of decorative vegetables in the home, giving color and joy to the environment and refresh it. It is also advisable to choose the most suitable plants. Varieties with large green leaves are recommended, which can be sprayed with water to keep the temperature lower.