Tips To Save Light At Home And In The Office

Light consumption is somewhat responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. The irresponsible expenditure of light energy can end if we consider some tricks.


To reduce this high consumption in the home, it is convenient to take advantage of sunlight until it sets. Sunlight is natural, less polluting, and also free.


The light colors on the ceiling and walls also help save light as a reflection of natural and artificial light makes the feeling of lighting in the room greater.


In areas of the house or office where more light is needed, or where the light is on for longer hours, such as in the home kitchen or the office, it is convenient to use fluorescent tubes, which consume less energy than light bulbs. Although they are much more expensive than ordinary bulbs, the consumption with the new low consumption bulbs is reduced by up to 80%. Also, the average life of traditional light bulbs is about 1,000 hours, compared to energy-saving light bulbs with a life of 15,000 hours.


Remember that the savings will be more noticeable if the use is prolonged and avoids turning on and off, a process that shortens its useful life. The ideal is to leave the light bulbs if you do not stay outside the room for more than 10 minutes.


Another tip to keep in mind when saving light is that LED emissions (light-emitting diode) consume less than older bulbs. These emissions not only reduce the cost of lighting but also cooling, and it is that only 15% of the energy consumed by an incandescent lamp is used to illuminate, and the rest of the energy is converted into heat.


And finally, it never hurts to remember the expense of leaving lights on that are not being used. Remember to always turn off the lights in rooms that are not being used. And, if possible, reduce outdoor ornamental lighting, for example, in the garden.


By following these tips, we will not only save light, but we are also contributing to the reduction of polluting emissions to the environment. We are reducing energy consumption worldwide. In the short term, we save money, which always comes in handy.