How to Preserve Lettuce

how to preserve lettuce

If you’re growing how to preserve lettuce in your garden or purchasing it from the grocery store, it’s a good idea to know how to preserve it so that your salads and wraps are always fresh and tasty. Heads of lettuce typically last one to three weeks in the refrigerator and loose-leaf greens will keep for up to ten days. Fortunately, keeping lettuce fresh is easy. This article outlines some simple ways to make it last longer so that you can enjoy your favorite salads and meals for as long as possible.

Keep It Cool

If possible, store your lettuce in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator where temperatures are the coolest. The crisper drawer also helps to reduce moisture in the lettuce which is a major factor in its wilting. Also, be sure to keep your lettuce away from produce that produces ethylene gas like apples and bananas, which can cause it to wilt and turn brown.

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If your lettuce is starting to wilt but is still relatively crisp, try submerging it in water for an hour or so to revive it. This works particularly well with iceberg and romaine lettuce, while greens with more delicate leaves, such as butter lettuce, are less likely to respond well to this method of preservation.

Alternatively, you can also try wrapping the lettuce in paper towels or a cloth before putting it in a plastic container. Be sure to shake off any excess moisture afterward and dry the lettuce thoroughly before storing it in the fridge. This is a great option for storing mesclun mixes and other leafy greens that may be easily bruised or wilted, and it’s also a good way to keep shredded lettuce from spoiling while you are working with it.