Hire Disco Balls – Adding the Sparkle to Your Event

About Hire Disco Balls

A disco ball is a classic addition to any dance floor. These large shiny balls have hundreds of mirrored pieces that beautifully reflect the light, creating an immersive experience that’s sure to get everyone in the mood to start dancing. They are perfect for weddings, tented events and family celebrations.

The history of the mirror ball

Glitter ball hire were originally called ‘mirror balls’ or ‘mirrored disco balls’. They were invented in 1920s as a way to add ambience to nightclubs and dance halls by catching the lights. They became iconic features of discos and dance parties in the 1970’s when music and dance exploded into the mainstream culture. The sight of a disco ball on the dance floor has always been a sure sign that it’s time to bust a move.

Light Up the Night: Why Renting Disco Balls is a Must for Your Dance Floor

Whether you’re going all out with your theme or keeping things super chic, mirror balls can elevate any look. We love them paired with an exposed brick wall and a simple naked cake for a cool urban vibe or hung from the ceiling of a tent with Edison bulbs and paper pom-poms for a glamorous boho-chic wedding.

They also make the perfect backdrop for photo booth props. Pair them with a funky sign for an instant prop that your guests will love and take lots of photos with. Or pop them in drinks like a punch bowl or on top of cocktail glasses for some sparkle. For a truly memorable effect book one of our dazzling disco ball dancers to amplify the atmosphere of your event with their spectacular costumes and mirrored headpieces.