What Does a Temp Agency Do?

Temp agencies provide short-term, or temporary, employees to companies who need extra help. They usually do not require a long application process and can get you working quickly. The client company pays the agency an hourly wage for the employee and the agency also handles payroll tax withholding, worker’s compensation insurance, and government social security and unemployment benefits deductions.

Staffing agencies screen workers by interviewing candidates and performing background, reference, medical, drug testing and other checks as necessary. They also test workers’ skill sets to ensure they are a good fit for the job. Temp agencies also analyze performance and conduct exit interviews to learn about an employee’s experience, strengths and weaknesses. URL https://euworkers.fr

When an employer needs additional employees, they enter into a contract with the temp agency, specifying the type of workers needed, hours worked and other details. The temp agency then selects workers from its pool who match the requirements.

How Temporary Workers Agencies Can Help During Seasonal Hiring Spikes

A temp agency may offer a temp-to-hire placement, which allows the client company to evaluate an employee’s performance and determine if they are a good fit for a permanent position. If both parties are satisfied, the employee can be converted to a Rutgers employee and the agency typically manages the paperwork required for the transition.

Temporary employment offers flexibility for both the temporary worker and the company and over one-third of all temporary workers were offered a full time position by the temporary agency they worked for at some point. Staffing agencies can also provide a steady stream of work for those who are waiting to find a full-time job.