Testosterone is a type of androgen (or sex hormone) that your body makes. Men’s gonads produce the most testosterone; women make it in their ovaries, though at a lower level. The hormone plays a key role during fetal development, in puberty and throughout adulthood. It affects secondary male characteristics, like hair growth, voice deepening and enlarged penis; it stimulates bone and muscle growth, the way you store fat in your body, and the production of red blood cells. It also helps your sperm develop and can boost your sex drive and sense of well-being. Resource : emule-anleitung.de

Testosterone levels decline as you get older, which can lead to low libido and problems with sleep, mood and energy. Your doctor can order a test to check your levels. It’s best to have the blood test done in the morning when your levels are highest. You may need to fast before the test. You’ll have to provide a urine sample and a finger-prick blood sample, which should hurt no more than a paper cut. The test costs about $30, and the results are available online within days.

Testosterone Unveiled: The Key Hormone in Men’s Health

The best tests measure your total testosterone, which includes free and bound forms of the hormone as well as the androgens erythropoietin and dehydroepiandrosterone. Avoid the saliva test, which only measures free testosterone, which only comprises about 2 percent of your overall T levels, says andrology expert Charles Welliver, MD. The blood test can be performed at home, but you need to follow the instructions carefully to get accurate and meaningful results.