Lash Extension Places in Manila

When it comes to lash extension places extensions, you want to make sure you’re going to a salon that has strict standards. This includes a clean and hygienic environment, and using disposable tools. Plus, a lash technician that holds only a cosmetology license may not be qualified to work on the delicate eye area, so finding one who is will definitely save you from disasters like infections and eyelash loss.

Whether you’re looking to get your first pair of lashes or just need a touch-up, we’ve got the best lash extension places in Manila that will give you swoon-worthy lashes in no time! These beauty bars uphold stringent cleaning and hygiene standards, offer quality services and safe products for your lashes, and even have exciting packages to choose from.

Discovering Quality: Lash Extension Places Near Me

If you’re a newbie to the world of lash extensions, then we suggest trying out Kiyosa for your first visit. Their lashes are made with high-quality sable strands that look and feel lightweight, making them perfect for those who just need a little extra oomph for their eyes. Plus, they also have a wide range of styles that will suit your personality and taste.

One of Bazaar’s favorite one-stop-shops in London, Benibana Beauty is a go-to when it comes to eyebrow, facial, nail, and body treatments—and yes, they have lash extensions, too! They can create a natural-looking lash tint or lash lift for those who already have naturally long lashes. Their eyelash extensions can also go up to 0.2 mm thick, which makes them look extremely lush and dramatic.