Why Composite Decking Is Naturally Appealing

Composite decking natural appeal is due to a variety of reasons, including:

Have you noticed those really nice decks? You know, the ones that don’t look like they just came from some big box store. The ones that have turned out nicely with all sorts of curves and angles in them. If not, take a drive through your neighborhood. Then think about going online and looking at composite decking (or click on this link), or better yet, visit one of our showrooms where we have quite a bit of it displayed for you to see! What if I told you there was an exact way to accomplish the look you’re thinking of now? That would be nice huh? Well wait until you hear how simple it is. It really is as easy as just choosing the style you like and picking a color that compliments it!

Lets first start with some of the more popular decking materials out there today, pine, cedar, pressure treated wood and then finally composite decking. These are pretty standard in most residential outdoor spaces. If your building code allows, you could probably go to any big box store or home center and find some of these materials to work with. Now to be fair let me explain each one:

Composite Decking vs Wood Decks -If you drive by any new home being built you know what’s going on outside because they’re surely using lumber for their decks. Canopy makes sense for decks which aren’t going to be exposed to the weather. When you’re building a deck for yourself that will get some use and finally be left outside all year long, can you really count on pressure treated wood lasting 30 years? How about 50 or 100? The good thing is it won’t cost you much more to find out! You may think so now but then when your great great grandchildren ask if such things were possible back then, how would you answer their question?

Due to our strong relationships with dealers we have found that it has led us directly into the development of an exceptional line of composite decking products. These tops provide solutions for homeowners looking for low maintenance, easy installation and ultimately a look and feel that rivals hardwood decks at 13 times less the cost with up to 10x the durability as pressure treated lumber.

One other thing that should be noted here, these products don’t expand or contract like cedar, pine or pressure treated woods meaning longer life span and added protection against cracking due to temperature shifts.