How Floor Markings Can Improve Efficiency and Safety

Floor Markings are a great way to improve efficiency and safety within your facility. With lines, dots, and symbols, floor markings can help you keep your facility safe by directing employees around hazards, keeping them out of restricted areas, and helping them find items quickly.Go

Floor marking colors can help you communicate important messages about your facility’s layout and processes. There are standardized color standards that have been adopted by facilities across industries. Using these standard colors can make it easier for workers to recognize and interpret the meaning of each symbol or line at a glance.

Designing Effective Floor Markings for Your Business Space

Aside from the standardized colors, some organizations choose to use other types of floor markings like tape or signs to display specific information. For instance, a blue sign that says “Stop” can be very useful in a warehouse environment. Other types of floor marking shapes include arrows, circles, and chevrons. These types of markings can also help you identify equipment, storage areas, hazardous zones, and even forklift traffic lanes.

Aside from these types of visual guidance tools, many facilities use barriers to physically separate people and equipment in potentially volatile areas. For example, red barriers can be used to identify areas where hard hats are required or areas that could possibly be a fire risk. The key is to use a system that is easy for your employees to understand and follows OSHA regulations.