Rent a Portable Toilet From an Ohio Porta Potty Rental Company

In the bustling city of Youngstown, where new construction projects and vibrant events are a constant sight, proper sanitation is a must. Miller Portables from ASAP Site Services are the perfect solution, allowing residents and contractors to easily access restroom facilities without having to leave their project or event location.

Benefits of Renting Portable Toilets for Events

The cost to rent a portable toilet in Ohio can vary greatly depending on location, availability, type of unit, taxes and fees, and duration of rental. The average price of a standard porta potty rental for a week can range from $170 up to $230 per unit. A deluxe portable toilet rental for a week can be as much as $290 or more.

Portable toilets are sanitized regularly, which includes weekly cleaning, soap and towel refilling, waste pump outs and chemical replacement. These procedures prevent the spread of bacteria, reduce odors, and ensure cleanliness. They also help maintain compliance with local health standards. Typically, the waste pumped out of a porta potty is collected and disposed at a nearby wastewater treatment facility.

In addition to portable toilets, ASAP Site Services also offers hand-washing stations and two-sided portable sinks. These units feature a foot-pump powered faucet, antibacterial hand soap, 22-gallon fresh water capacity, and disposable paper towels. They are ideal for camping sites, outdoor events, and other settings that may not have access to permanent restroom facilities. They are also a great solution for contractors who want to increase their productivity by decreasing the time they spend looking for offsite facilities.

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