Quiet Monk CBD Review

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A quiet monk draws upon the power of meditation and mindfulness to achieve deep focus and strip away life’s non-essential elements. This philosophy is a powerful force for personal growth and goal achievement. However, it’s not always easy to maintain a consistent practice. Here are some tips for staying motivated and focusing on your goals.

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Your enlightened training allows you to harness the mystic energy known as ki. You gain access to a number of ki points each turn, determined by your monk level (see the “Ki Points” column on the Monk table). You use these points to fuel a variety of ki features. You start with three ki features, and more become available as you advance in the class.

Your ki points can also be used to give you additional attacks on your turn. This effect lasts for only one attack, and the extra damage is determined by the tier of the ki feature you are using. You can also spend a ki point to catch a missile in the air with a reaction, so long as you have at least one hand free and are not attacking with a weapon that deals damage to targets within your reach.