How to Use Pinterest Ad Management to Optimize Your Ads

Pinterest offers a wide variety of ad formats and campaign types. When you’re ready to start creating a new campaign, you’ll first need to choose your campaign objective. Options include brand awareness, driving traffic, video views, app installs, or conversions. Once you’ve selected an objective, you’ll need to choose a name for the campaign, set up your budget, and schedule your ads to run.

Next, select a target audience. You can choose a broad pinterest ad management of new customers, people who’ve interacted with your client’s website or pins in the past, a customized list (e.g., clients’ email addresses), or a combination of these. You can also use Pinterest’s audience insights tool to reveal your existing and potential audiences by interests, demographics, and affinities.

ient Management: The Benefits of Pinterest Ad Management

Idea pins are a recent addition to the ad lineup and give you the opportunity to show Pinners immersive, educational content, like short how-to videos or demonstrations of products. These ads are a great way to reach new audiences and drive engagement, with Pinners viewing them 9 times more than standard Pins.

Promoted video pins are similar to standard Pins, but include a video that’s automatically played when users click on the Pin. These ads are effective at driving traffic and getting clicks, but they can be more difficult to measure than other ad formats. Pinterest recommends including a soft CTA in the video description and using a clear call-to-action (CTA) on the Pin itself to make it easier for users to take action.