Bathroom design trends 2021

White Ceramic Bathtub With Stainless Steel FaucetThis year, naturalness also remains relevant, even in finishing materials. Designers suggest paying attention to finishes with the texture of stone, metal, marble, wood, or concrete. The coarser and more unworked the texture, the better. This is especially true of modern tiles, which perfectly imitate all these materials. Literally, at the peak of popularity in 2020, the loft and Scandinavian style remain. They differ significantly from each other, but at the same time, have many similarities. This mainly concerns the muted colors in the decoration of the walls.

We should also mention marble. This material can look completely different depending on the context. In a laconic interior, marble adds austerity, so the bathroom will be executed in a minimalist style. If desired, using this material, you can add chic to the room. To do this, feel free to combine it with stucco on the ceiling and exquisite interior details.

Bathroom design: current color scheme 2021

Almost the main role in the bathroom design is played by the chosen color scheme. Therefore, before proceeding with the repair, carefully consider all the details. Experiment lovers should choose white for the bathroom interior. The thing is that it will definitely never go out of style due to its versatility. Additionally, it is worth using natural shades to make the interior look more stylish. It is interesting that, if desired, a white bathroom can always be beaten in a new way. To do this, select towels and other items in the same range. Change them from time to time to give the room a different color and mood.

The bathroom is a classic black-white-gray solution that deserves attention. This is a great base for bright details. At the same time, the interior will always look refined, elegant, and stylish. And be sure that this design will never become outdated.

Various shades of brown are perhaps the most versatile bathroom solution. They are mainly chosen for creating eco-interiors. This design looks stylish, modern, and definitely won’t get bored over time. Also, in 2020, natural colors are in trend. These are not only monochromatic shades but also the color of wood, brick, marble, or concrete. They are all harmoniously combined with each other. Therefore, there are a fairly large number of combination options.

As for bright colors, then with them, everything is not as straightforward as it might seem at first glance. They always attract attention and cheer up. But at the same time, the bathroom is considered a place of rest and does not require too many details. Therefore, designers recommend using bright paints in spots, mainly in accessories and decor.

Bathroom tiles: design 2021

It is difficult to imagine a bathroom without tiles. It is increasingly being chosen because of its high durability, moisture resistance, and strength. Interestingly, it doesn’t have to be the same at all. Very often, a combination of several options is used in the interior of the bathroom. It is often combined with other materials. Therefore, it is definitely not worth ignoring tiles as one of the more versatile options in 2020. But before purchasing it, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main advantages:

  • durability;
  • a variety of sizes and colors;
  • moisture resistance;
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • the ability to imitate wood or stone.

Despite such a number of advantages, tiles also have disadvantages:

  • quite a high cost;
  • the need to attract specialists for masonry;
  • the possibility of fungus formation in the seams.

Modern bathroom design 2021

Of course, bathroom design is made up of many details. All of them must be well combined and create a single style.


If difficulties often arise with the design of the walls, then everything is as simple as possible with the ceiling. A plain white ceiling is the best solution for absolutely any bathroom. Do not overload an already small space with complex structures. If desired, you can use suspended ceilings, but they must be made of moisture-resistant material. This will ensure longer shelf life.


As for the design of the floor, everything is somewhat different here. Designers predominantly use mosaics, ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, or marble. These are the most durable materials that will definitely retain their attractive appearance for a long time. In some cases, you can see the parquet flooring, but it must be protected from moisture. Therefore, this is not the most practical solution. It is best to make a non-slip and moisture-resistant coating. In addition, it should look good with the interior.


Free stock photo of bathroom, chair, contemporaryThe bathroom is rarely large, so it is very important to use the space correctly. You should definitely take care of shelves or a cabinet for various body and face care products. Mostly wall cabinets are used, which significantly saves space. This is the perfect solution for a small bathroom.

Bathroom designs in 2020 can look very different. Some choose conciseness and restraint of design, while others like bright, unusual details. Moreover, each of the options will be relevant. Get inspired by ideas and create your own ideal interior together with the designer.